Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eye on the Game

Image courtesy of OptiVision 2020
Over coffee and a bagel (how apropos!) I assembled my brand new eyeball model.  It was a bit challenging at first, but then it got kind of fun.  It was from a kit that was supposed to be a puzzle.

In other news, the Somerset Patriots really had their eye on the game last night - they beat the Camden RiverSharks 4 to zip!  And there were fireworks too!

Right now, I am feeling pretty good!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Eye C U

This is my first post on this blog site.  Stuff here, as the name implies, is kind of random.

However, this past week, I started coursework for Opticianry and so for the moment, I'm going to chronicle my experiences.  I'm taking one course first, non-matric in a hyper-speed Summer session: Physiology and Anatomy of the Eye.

This material is really out of my comfort zone, since my degree is in English and my grad certificates are in Estates & Trusts and also, Computer Web Graphics.  But I love learning new things (even if they are really difficult, for diverse reasons) so I'm giving it a try.

Next Wednesday, we're doing the dissection of the eye.  I am very nervous (and not a little creeped out) because I have never actually done a dissection.  I always had crazy-boy lab partners who were more than happy to do the deed, while I just wrote up the exercises.  Not so now.  Also, it's an EYE.  As in, staring back at me!

So, hopefully things will work out.  And I'll post more about it during the week.

Guess EYE'll be seeing you.


PS - the chart above is actually called a Snellen chart.

PSS - I'm going to a local pro baseball game tonight, which has, for all intents and purposes, nothing to do with opticianry.